QED Technologies participates in many domestic and international tradeshows. We hope that you will stop by one of our exhibits to learn more about the capabilities our MRF and SSI systems can offer. Additionally, we will be happy to meet with you individually. If you are interested, please let us know so that we can set-up a specific appointment.



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Featured Technical Paper

"Ultraprecise and Long-Lasting Laser Glass Components and Coatings"

Dr. Dirk Apitz, Application Engineer and Developer for Advanced Optics, SCHOTT Corporation

"There are many difficulties involved in the manufacture of ultraprecise glass components and coatings that have the durability to withstand laser radiationwith very high power density. These include how best to polish and clean theglass, how to minimize subsurface damage, the ideal approach to coating, the right materials to use, how to increase the Laser Induced Damage Threshold (LIDT), and the many tradeoffs involved..." Click here to read the paper.

Manufacturing high precision optical flats to λ/75 PV using MRF™ & SSI

Download this technical presentation by Chris Maloney, Sr. Applications Engineer, QED Technologies.

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