Magnetorheological Finishing (MRF) Polish Smarter. Polish Better




MRF polishing, exclusively available from QED is flexible and fast, reliable and accurate — polish optics to satisfy customers like never before.

MRF polishing puts you in control of your polishing processes and your bottom line. Our patented, deterministic MRF tools combine magnetorheological fluids with sophisticated computer algorithms, and robust CNC platforms. With an MRF machine on your shop floor, you can polish an optical surface to pristine form, figure, and finish, regardless of symmetry, geometry, or slope variation. Our family of MRF systems offers many advantages that eliminate the inherent problems of classical polishing. Today, MRF systems are in operation worldwide, helping businesses achieve faster cycle times, predictable schedules, and reduced manufacturing costs. In the end, you can expand your capabilities, improve profitability, and satisfy your customers like never before.

Flexible and fast, reliable and accurate — MRF does it all.




MRF machines are fast, flexible and accurate. Polish optics like never before.

Answering new demands in the precision optics marketplace.

MRF improves form and figure, roughness, surface integrity and more...

Stable, high performance fluids are at the heart of the MRF process.