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 This month's feature case study: Polishing Super Flat Flats

High precision optical flat surfaces are used in a number of applications, including reference surfaces, stage mirrors, and laser cavities.  Manufacturing a plano surface to λ/75 peak-to-valley (PV) can be challenging for many reasons.

Read more to find out how we combine SSI & MRF to reach λ/75 PV on Plano surfaces.


featuredcasestudy superflatflats


Phase plate on Q22-950F MRF 3
Smooth and correct optical mold on Q-flex 100  mrf applications4 optical mold
High precision sphere improved to lambda/20  mrfapplication4
Fused silica polished with C30 MR fluid mrf applications5a ultralowroughness
Using MRF to correct mid-spatials  casestudy
200 mm Φ SOI (Silicon-on-Insulator) Wafer improve thickness uniformity


Large light-weighted mirror polished with MRF  lightweight polishing




MRF polishing for hemispheres  round the wheel polishing pict
an excellent tool for analyzing a surface against optical specificationsQED Analysis Notebook applications icon