Finally... MRF polishing

for High NA parts!

In the past, many high-NA concave and convex surfaces could not be polished with MRF due to collisions with the nozzle/scraper, head cover, or probing hardware when the part was tilted to large B-axis angles. For some wheels and part geometries, this limit could be as low as 30 degrees! QED has recently added a new rotational polishing mode that significantly extends the current capability of the Q-flex platform, allowing steeper concave and convex surfaces to be polished.




Just as in raster freeform mode, this new polishing mode utilizes a virtual axis “around-the-wheel” of the MRF polishing head. However, instead of providing “tilt” in a direction orthogonal to the physical axes, this additional virtual axis works in the same direction as the actual B-axis to reduce the physical tilt of the part and therefore limit the chance of a collision between the part and other hardware. This enables Q-flex machines to polish many high-NA concave & convex parts — up to full hemispheres — that were previously not polishable.


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