SMP Process

1. Square, plano, zerodur block is glued to the      
metal bars.



 2. Applying a mechanical load to obtain convex cylinder
(inverse of desired concave shape).


3. Block has been ground and
classically pitch polished.









4. Load removal: concave cylindrical shape with
the PV close to the specifications.

5. The block is then rounded to the final
204 mm diameter.


SMP to induce cylindrical surface form

The SMP process introduces the preliminary cylindrical shape:

  • Reduces the time needed to MRF the cylinders
  • Reduces the amount of the material needed to be removed by MRF
  • Reduces the number of MRF/SSI iterations needed

CMM was used to adjust the initial SMP block deformation.

Zerodur block verified on CMM machine
Surface before and after SMP