Finishing High Precision Optics with MRF

MRF has a proven track record for finishing optics to <λ/20 PV.  MRF can be used to ‘aspherize’.  The combination of inducing surface form and figure correcting with MRF has been demonstrated. (C.Maloney et al. Optifab 2015)

 Novel MRF method for rotational polishing a mild cylinder

  •  Rotational MRF polishing was used for non-rotationally symmetric cylindrical shape
  •  Typically, the gap of MR fluid between the MRF wheel and the part should remain constant during polishing
  •  We input the geometry of a flat resulting in around 30 microns of gap error during polishing
  •  Still convergence on high precision specifications has been achieved


Conformal MR Fluid allows for 10’s of microns of gap error while still
providing high convergence.


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MRF Schematic                                     Cylinder on Q-flexTM 300         MRF polishing using 150 mm wheel