MRF Polishing Results

The full aperture PVr of the element improved from 5.38 µm after SMP to  22.4 nm PVr (4 nm rms) after MRF.

    • The deviation of the radius from the nominal value (191000 mm) after MRF was only 202 mm (~0.1%) which is 27 nm in terms of the sag.
    • No significant edge effect from MRF (2.5 mm edge exclusion specified)


          After SMP (fringe view)                                After MRF (fringe view)

      After SMP (cylinder removed)                     After MRF (cylinder removed)
      PVr 5.38 m PVr 22.4 nm


22.4 nm PVr is less than the specified 65 nm.  The goal has been reached!