Q-flex opens up new MRF capabilities

qflex300The new freeform raster capability of Q-flex broadens the range of MRF capabilities for high precision applications. Combined with our new C30 fluid, Q-flex “freeform raster mode” makes mid-spatial frequency corrections on spheres and aspheres better than previously achievable with any MRF system. This capability reduces the need to add costly, time consuming technologies to the process for high precision optics manufacturing.



Two new features of the Q-flex platform enable powerful new MRF capabilities

Modularity of Polishing Wheels (MRF Heads) and Delivery System (MRF FCM) allows:

  • Rapid configuration changeover: Change wheels quickly and  Change fluids quickly

  • Multiple wheel orientations: Traditional (rotational polishing) and  Rotated 90º, which enables full freeform raster polishing


In this case study, we combine these new features to create a mild freeform optic with

  • Ultra-high precision

  • Ultra-low levels of mid-spatial frequencies