2) Q-flex Enables Raster Polishing of Spheres and Aspheres

mrf application 7 pict2Polish almost any shape with Freeform Raster Polishing

  • Rotationally symmetric spheres & aspheres
  • Off-axis aspheres, toroids, true freeforms
  • Round, rect, hex, general aperture shapes
  • Maximum freeform surface slopes of:
  • ~90° in X-direction,
  • ~30-45° in Y-direction (depending on wheel)


Enhanced correction of fine features

  • Correct mid-spatial frequencies
  • Avoid/correct center artifacts


“Around the wheel” polishing creates “virtual C-axis”

  • Combined with B-axis allows tip and tilt in both X & Y-directions


Significantly more capability than Q22-Y machines!



Two new features of the Q-flex platform enable powerful new MRF capabilities

Modularity of Polishing Wheels (MRF Heads) and Delivery System (MRF FCM) allows:

  • Rapid configuration changeover: Change wheels quickly and  Change fluids quickly

  • Multiple wheel orientations: Traditional (rotational polishing) and  Rotated 90º, which enables full freeform raster polishing


In this case study, we combine these new features to create a mild freeform optic with

  • Ultra-high precision

  • Ultra-low levels of mid-spatial frequencies