7.) Summary

New features of the Q-flex platform were leveraged to create mild freeform to ultra-high precision and with ultra-low levels of mid-spatial frequencies

  • Rapid module changeovers enable your business to offer optics with a range of quality/cost options
  • Freeform raster capability opens up raster polishing for ultra-high precision spheres, aspheres, and freeforms


Mid-spatial frequencies as small as 1 mm are now correctable by MRF

  • Now the same machine can perform shape correction (microns of low-order removal) and mid-spatial frequency correction (nm of high-order removal) in a fast, production-oriented solution
  • Ion Beam Figuring (IBF) cannot do all this!

Two new features of the Q-flex platform enable powerful new MRF capabilities

Modularity of Polishing Wheels (MRF Heads) and Delivery System (MRF FCM) allows:

  • Rapid configuration changeover: Change wheels quickly and  Change fluids quickly

  • Multiple wheel orientations: Traditional (rotational polishing) and  Rotated 90º, which enables full freeform raster polishing


In this case study, we combine these new features to create a mild freeform optic with

  • Ultra-high precision

  • Ultra-low levels of mid-spatial frequencies