Demonstration Objectives 

In this case study, we present a method for manufacturing optical flats to λ/75 PV by combining the power of Subaperture Stitching Interferometry (SSI) and MRF technologies.  The SSI data provides the high resolution and high accuracy necessary to drive the MRF polishing process to these high levels of precision.

ASIQ Qflex300

Part prescription

  • Full Aperture: 108mm
  • Clear Aperture: 107mm
  • Surface Shape: Plano
  • Material: Fused Silica

Machines/Process Used

  • ASI(Q), utilizing QED’s QIS interferometer
    • 6” transmission flat (TF)

  • Horizontal QIS
    • 6” transmission flat leveraging three-flat test

  • Q-flex™ 300 platform
    • 20 mm polishing wheel – for highest resolution
    • D11 MR Fluid – for fastest cycle times



Download a PDF of the the full Case Study, "Polishing Super Flat Flats".