6. How can the Analysis be Improved?

A. Specification indications

  • Clear indication of how much the specification passes/fails by
  • Prominent display of the specifications and results

B. Logically organize multiple pages

  • We would like a summary of all the specifications “up front”
  • More detailed analyses/pictures should show up later
  • Manually arranging this information is labor intensive

C. Better control of display and configuration of the analyses

  • Show key metadata (e.g. surface prescription), to give readers of the data confidence that they are looking at data from the correct part
  • Measurement controls not relevant to specifications should be hidden
  • Ability to save the complete analysis configuration for ALL specs in a single file

D. More flexibility in how specification metrics are computed

  • Custom settings for each analysis (e.g. pre-filtering for slope)
  • Slope, for example, can be computed in different ways – finer control over the computations (and any pre-filtering) is desirable





7. QED Analysis Notebook (Summary)

QED Analysis Notebook 4



NOTE: the complete 4 page notebook is included in Appendix A, available in the PDF download of this case study.




8. QED Analysis Notebook (improvements A, B)

QED Analysis Notebook 5



Download the PDF file of the case study to access the Appendix for sample detail page layout





9. QED Analysis Notebook (Improvements C, D)

QED Analysis Notebook 6