MRF fluid Stable, high performance MR fluids are at the heart of the MRF process, helping optics manufacturers polish superior optical surfaces. 
QED offers a family of MR fluids, each with specific properties that enable you to achieve the best possible results for your applications.

Need to polish tungsten carbide?  We have a fluid for that.   

Want to aspherize your optics?  We have a fluid for that too.

Need to achieve ultra-low roughness (< 1.5 Å rms) for those demanding applications?  We have a fluid for that as well. 






Better results, creative solutions... we have a fluid for that...

C10+ / C12
C10+ and C12 are the precision figure correction workhorse fluids for optical glasses. C10+ and C12 have comparable performance: they are both cerium-oxide based fluids that offer a balance of removal rate and roughness. C12, introduced in 2018, has improved dispersion and suspension properties.

D10 has excellent performance on poly-crystalline materials like tungsten carbide and silicon carbide. A great choice for smoothing diamond turning marks on IR optics or when you want higher removal rates.fluid chart 3 19

D11 is our highest removal rate fluid, use D11 when you need to go fast or remove many microns of material. It also provides lower roughness on most materials than D10 – even on glass!  A great choice for polishing large parts or aspherizing mild departure aspheres. D11 is the fluid of choice for polishing the hardest materials (e.g.  sapphire).

D20 is our low roughness diamond-based fluid, D20 can polish just about any material with very low roughness (as low as 2-3 Å) and very low scatter. It excels at CaF2, optical glasses and other soft materials. If you’re constantly polishing a wide variety of materials, D20 can minimize the downtime of frequent fluid changes.

C30, QED’s lowest roughness MR fluid, routinely polishes surfaces to below 1.5 Å rms roughness on a variety of materials, while reducing defects and increasing the laser damage threshold of your optics. C30 produces pristine surfaces with ultra-low:

  • roughness
  • scatter
  • subsurface damage.  

Note: all MRF fluids are compatible with both Q22 and Q-flex MRF systems and most polishing heads.  Contact QED for more details.

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