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Achieve the Impossible

MRF polishing systems are the industry standard for the best in optical polishing. These tools integrate with existing manufacturing cells to polish flat, spherical, aspherical and even freeform optics with precisions ranging from a few fringes to the limit of available metrology. We have a polishing solution that will fit your shop needs and help you solve your most difficult polishing challenges.

Q-flex 100

Qflex overview 00015

 The Q-flex family of polishing systems from QED Technologies takes precision optics manufacturing to new heights. Q-flex 100 systems offer all of the legendary determinism of MRF finishing, plus increased flexibility and repeatability in modular, production–ready platforms that help you manufacture smarter. Raster and Rotational polishing is available for part sizes up to: ~100 x 100 mm (larger parts achievable depending on geometry)

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 Q-flex 300

QED QFlex300 web1

 The Q-flex 300 delivers unprecedented manufacturing capabilities—especially for difficult spheres aspheres, and freeforms. Built on the legendary MRF performance, the Q-flex 300 incorporates next generation manufacturing for increased flexibility and repeatability. Polish optics up to 300 mm.

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Q22750 web

 A large-aperture MRF machine, the Q22-750P2 extends MRF figuring capability
to large, long radius parts.  The Q22-750P2 includes the latest MRF Technology; the ability to polish plano optics up to 1000 mm x 750 mm,
polish long radius sphere, asphere and freeform optics, and multi-part polishing software.

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Q22 1200 side clipped web

Polish and finish ground freeform optics up to 1.2 meters in size to high precision, with one machine! The Q22-1200 expanded size capability enables you to polish aperture sizes up to 1200 mm:

  • Polish plano sphere, asphere, cylinder and freeform optics up to 1200 mm x 1200 mm.
  • Multi-part batch polishing software
  • 4 different axes configurations available
  • Interchangeable polishing heads for high flexibility

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MRF Polishing Products Accessories

MRF Machine Accessories

We offer several products and options that help you optimize your MRF polishing system.




Optional Upgrades and Accessories

  • MRF Desktop Solver
  • GenII 50mm Wheel Upgrade
  • Q22 Control Software
  • Freeform Software Upgrade
  • Low Volume Delivery System
  • 20mm wheel upgrade