The ultimate in flexible polishing technology. 

The Q-flex family of polishing systems from QED Technologies takes precision optics manufacturing to new heights. Q-flex systems offer all of the legendary determinism of MRF polishing, plus increased flexibility and repeatability in modular, production–ready platforms that help you manufacture smarter.  Q-flex systems deliver unprecedented manufacturing capabilities—especially for difficult spheres aspheres, and freeforms.  For more information, see Q-flex Downloads below.




The Q-flex 300 offers:

Ergonomic Part Loading

    • Allows for ergonomic part mounting & alignment
    • Moves to inverted polishing position once mounted & centered.

Raster Polishing

    •     Part size up to: ~300 x 300 mm * (larger parts achievable depending on geometry)
    •     Part Shapes: Plano, Cylinder, Sphere, Asphere, Off-axis Asphere, Full Freeform
    •     Part Apertures: Round, Rectangular, Hexagonal, Elliptical

Freeform Polishing

    •     Part size up to: ~300 x 300 mm *
    •     Part Shapes: Off-axis Aspheres, Toroids, Polynomial Freeforms
    •     Max freeform surface slopes of:
      •     ~90° in X-direction (depending on part geometry)
      •     ~30-45° in Y-direction (depending on the wheel)
    •     “Around the wheel” polishing creates virtual axis

Rotational Polishing

    •     Part size up to: ~300 mm Ø *
    •     Part Shapes: Plano, Sphere, Asphere
    •     Part Apertures: Round

Modular MRF Heads

The modularity, capabilities and range of head sizes of Q-flex systems means you can match the machine to your workload, bringing greater efficiency to your precision optics shop.  In minutes, MRF heads can be changed between 10 mm, 20 mm, 50 mm and 150 mm sizes to accommodate your polishing needs. Q-flex heads offer these features and more.  Download Q-flex information below.

    •     Tool-less changeovers
    •     Kinematic mounting interface to base machine
    •     Fast changeovers
    •     Two orientations - rotational polishing (X-orientation) and freeform raster polishing (Y-orientation)
    •     Nozzle & Scraper combined into a single unit
    •     Head Cart included with each wheel



qlfex diagram3



Specifications subject to change without notice.

* Please note that workpiece geometry and weight specifications are approximate values to be used as general guidelines.  Due to other factors such as workpiece inertia that are difficult to quantify, there are parts outside this range that can indeed be run under certain circumstances, as well as parts within this range that may not run under all circumstances.  Please use caution when attempting parts outside these limits, or contact QED for further guidance.

Q-flex: Manufacture Better with Flexible Architecture

The modularity of Q-flex systems means you can match the machine to your workload, bringing greater efficiency to your precision optics shop.

  • The Q-flex systems’ heads and FCMs are common across family platforms, and can be shared between Q-flex machines. In minutes, MRF heads can be changed from 20 mm, 50 mm and 150 mm size to accommodate your polishing needs.
  • The Fluid Control Module (FCM) houses the fluid delivery system hardware & controls in one package.

Q-flex: Manufacture Smarter with Flexible Technology

  • Modular MRF head design enables fast, tool-free changeovers, quick wheel orientation changes for raster, freeform and rotational polishing.
  • Fluid Control Module (FCM) provides improved fluid stability, calibrated and repeatable performance from day-to-day and machine-to-machine.
  • QED.NET software is configurable for production/batch modes or prototyping runs, allowing optimum throughput with any level of operator skills.

Q-flex systems are designed for a production-oriented environment.