The newest in the line of large platform MRF machines, the Q22-600 presents more options for polishing a variety of large-aperture, precision optics.Q22 600 FINAL ProImageweb

The Q22-600 includes the latest MRF Technology:

  • Polish aperture sizes up to 600 mm diameter,  and 600 x 800 mm rectangular.
  • QED.NET software
  • EFMS fluid control system

Technical capabilities include:

  • Polishing aperture shapes including round, rectangular,  hexagonal, elliptical, or more general
  • Polishing surface shapes including plano, spherical, aspherical (including off-axis), freeform up to 30° (raster) and  60° (rotational) half angle
  • Raster polishing, but includes rotational polishing for smaller parts (up to 450 mm depending upon part geometry)

Interchangeable polishing heads for high flexibility:

  • The 50  mm MRF wheel can polish small surface features and reduce edge effects.
  • The 370  mm MRF wheel has high material removal rates to cover large surfaces quickly.



MRF Advantage

  • Works by magnetically manipulating the properties of the MR polishing fluid and adjusting the workpiece position and polishing dwell time via computer control.
  • Conforms to complex surfaces, providing the flexibility to polish aspheric and freeform shapes.
  • Significantly reduces cycle times due to its high rate of removal.
  • Maintains process stability with constant recirculation of the MR fluid (no dulling of the polishing tool).
  • Provides a completely deterministic process that can be characterized to very high precision.
  • Provides an affordable, turnkey system for precision optics manufacturing that will broaden your design options and enhance your cost effectiveness.

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