Custom-built large aperture MRF machines extending the MRF figuring capability to large, plano optics–up to 1000 mm x 750 mm.

750P2 flat


Dual-wheel platform provides extreme flexibility, including a large wheel (370 mm) with high material removal rates to cover large surfaces quickly, and a small wheel (50 mm) that can polish small surface features (e.g., on segmented, lightweighted optics, ...) and reduce edge effects. Two completely independent fluid delivery systems allow maintenance or fluid change on one while the other is polishing. On-board cameras provide web-based monitoring for remote support during extended polishing runs.


The Q22-750 machine family is configurable to meet your specific applications and the machines are available with many different platform options including 1-2 wheels and up to 5 axes of motion.


750 data



MRF Advantage

  • Works by magnetically manipulating the properties of the MR polishing fluid and adjusting the workpiece position and polishing dwell time via computer control.
  • Conforms to complex surfaces, providing the flexibility to polish aspheric and freeform shapes.
  • Significantly reduces cycle times due to its high rate of removal.
  • Maintains process stability with constant recirculation of the MR fluid (no dulling of the polishing tool).
  • Provides a completely deterministic process that can be characterized to very high precision.
  • Provides an affordable, turnkey system for precision optics manufacturing that will broaden your design options and enhance your cost effectiveness.

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