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SSI  Metrology systems are perhaps the single most important investment optics manufacturers can make.

Our SSI  Metrology systems allow you to measure virtually all of your optics over the full aperture for in-line process control and final qualification. These products set a higher standard for accuracy, flexibility and lead-time. The SSI  family of interferometers will improve the quality of your optics and heighten your level of confidence. Deliver every part to spec…every time.



QED’s ASI(Q), created by the company that revolutionized stitching, brings you even greater ability to make and measure complex optics.

With the ASI(Q), optics manufacturers can measure an even wider range of aspheres with up to 1000 waves of departure, with more accuracy and faster, without relying on dedicated, expensive null-optics. The ASI(Q), completely designed and engineered by QED Technologies, takes asphere metrology to the next level of performance.



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ASIQ2 568



The QED Interferometer for Stitching (QIS)is a metrology powerhouse capable of measuring aspheric shapes.
The QIS is a new interferometer completely designed, engineered and built by QED Technologies. It is optimized for stitching and gives customers the ability to measure more parts, with improved accuracy, speed and ease of use.




Variable Optical Null (VON) is an advanced opto-mechanical subsystem that enables quick, accurate measurements of even extreme aspheric departures. The VON works seemlessly with the QIS and the ASI(Q) to select and measure each subaperture without requiring user intervention.  Once the subapertures are measured, the surface profile of the asphere is reconstructed using advanced stitching algorithms. The outcome: full-aperture, high-resolution measurements of aspheric surfaces.






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We offer several products and options that help you optimize your SSI Metrology system.

ASI5 Matt with ASI

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