QED’s ASI(Q), created by the company that revolutionized stitching, brings you even greater ability to make and measure complex optics.

aspheric stitching interferometer with QIS - ASI(Q)




QED innovation and ingenuity brings expanded capabilities and versatility to optics metrology. With the ASI(Q), optics manufacturers can measure a wider range of aspheres and freeforms with more accuracy and faster, without relying on dedicated, expensive null-optics.

The ASI(Q) is powered by QIS, the QED Interferometer for Stitching.  QIS is designed and engineered by QED Technologies and takes asphere metrology to the next level of performance. QIS is optimized for stitching and allows the user to collect high quality data on parts with even higher fringe densities, shorter radii, with better resolution and with less retrace error.  QIS is a standard offering on the ASI(Q) platform, or available as a field upgrade to existing ASI and SSI-A platforms. The ASI(Q) allows users to measure high departure aspheres and freeforms over the full aperture.

Freeform metrology software, available as an upgrade to the ASI(Q), enables interferometric measurements of freeform optics, without the use of a null lens! With the freeform metrology upgrade, the ASI(Q) is able to measure a wide variety of freeforms including toroids, heads-up display optics, and off-axissections of rotationally-symmetric optics with departure from best-fit sphere of up to 1000 microns. 
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The ASI(Q) with QIS is:

  • Full aperture, for deterministic correction of the whole surface
  • Accurate, to achieve tighter optical specifications
  • Flexible, to minimize custom tooling and lead time
  • Automated and easy-to-use
  • Capable of testing aspheres without dedicated nulls

 Flexible, Full-aperture Metrology:

  • Freeform
  • Asphere
  • Sphere
  • Plano

Configure the ASI(Q) that best fits your needs:

  • Measure planos, spheres, aspheres and freeforms.
  • Measure diameters from 300 mm to 550 mm.

ASI(Q) System Options


  • 300 mm Ø
  • Plano/sphere
  • Freeform/asphere optional


  • 480 mm Ø
  • Plano/sphere
  • Freeform/asphere optional


  • 550 mm Ø*
  • Plano/sphere
  • Freeform/asphere optional
    *Machine footprint larger than ASI(Q), ASI(Q) XR

The Stitching Advantage

Stitching technology has four major advantages over standard interferometry:

  1. larger field of view—you can see “more” of the surface
  2. higher lateral spatial frequencies—you can see a better picture of the surface
  3. improved accuracy—you can feel confident in the quality of your results because the unit automatically calibrates systematic instrument errors
  4. aspheric measurements—you can measure aspheres without null lenses

The "Q" Advantage

QED’s ASI(Q), is the latest innovation in precision optics metrology, brought to you by QED Technologies. The ASI(Q), completely designed, engineered and built by QED, is powered by QIS, the QED interferometer for stitching. Optimized for stitching, QIS enables you to measure more parts, measure them better, and say yes to more complex projects. QED innovation and ingenuity inside, brings expanded capabilities and new versatility to the ASI(Q). QIS is available on the new ASI(Q) platform, or as a field upgrade to existing ASI and SSI-A platforms.