QED Technologies Q22-600

MRF™ Polishing


The Q22-600 presents more options for polishing large-aperture, precision optics.

The Latest MRF Technology

  • Polish aperture sizes up to 600 mm in diameter, and 600 x 800 mm rectangular.
  • QED.NET software
  • EFMS (Electronic Fluid Monitoring System) fluid control system

Technical Capabilities

  • Polishing aperture shapes including round, rectangular, hexagonal, elliptical, or more general shapes.
  • Polishing surface shapes including plano, spherical, aspherical (including off-axis), freeform up to 30° (raster) and 60° (rotational) half angle.
    • Raster: up to 600×800 mm in size and up to 30 degrees half angle.
    • Rotational: up to ~450 mm in diameter and up to 60 degrees half angle depending on part geometry

Interchangeable Polishing Heads

  • The 50 mm MRF wheel can polish small surface features and reduce edge effects.
  • The 370 mm MRF wheel has high material removal rates to cover large surfaces quickly.

Technical Specifications


Maximum workpiece half angle:
30° HA raster / 60° HA rotational
Maximum workpiece weight:
400 kg (raster on table), 12 kg (rotational on A-axis with inertia of 0.15 kg m^2)
Workpiece attachment means:
Mechanical (vacuum optional)*

Moving Range

1,016 mm
660 mm
635 mm

Positioning Accuracy

± 0.0076 mm
± 0.0076 mm
± 0.0076 mm

Moving Range

± 35°

Control Interfaces

CNC machine control
Siemens Solution Line drives and NCU
MRF control
Rockwell PLC system

Machine Specifications

Machine “footprint” (width x depth) without computer console
4.32 m x 2.79 m (170 in x 110 in)
Minimum floor space requirements for operation and servicing (width x depth)
4.32 m x 4.65 m (170 in x 183 in)
Machine height installed (max)
3.2 m (127 in)
Total machine weight (estimate)
12,000 kg (26,400 lbs)
Minimum door opening (width x height)
2.77 m X 2.8 m (109 in x 110 in)


Electrical service
400 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 25 A with SCCR rating of 100 kA, 3ph+PE (4-Wire)**
Self-contained chiller included
Not required
Air exhaust
Not required
Compressed air****
87 psi (6 bar), 3 cfm (85 ℓ/min), dried and filtered to 10 μm

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

* Workpiece chucks for rotational polishing are supplied by QED, others are to be supplied by customer unless otherwise specified. Vacuum generation is supplied with machine.

** Specify 50 or 60 Hz at time of order. Customer is responsible for transformer primary and secondary connections and short circuit protection in accordance with local regulations.

*** Customer must supply 5 gallons of distilled water for chiller. The use of DI water (de-ionized Water) is prohibited due to its reaction with metals in the lines, couplings and chiller unit.

**** Female 1/4” NPT fitting on machine, male 1/4” NPT connection with minimum 3/8” airline tubing to be supplied by Customer.

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