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QED.NET is the overarching software that drives QED Technologies’ family of MRF polishing and SSI metrology machines.

QED’s metrology and polishing machines come with QED.NET software.  Its user interface is designed to make it easy for inexperienced users to get started, yet advanced options are available that enable experienced users to get the most out of the machine capabilities.

While all the necessary steps to polish (or measure) a part can be completed on the machine software, some of them can be performed away from the machine.  Desktop versions of the QED.NET polishing and metrology software are available, which can improve machine utilization by offloading machine setup and computation tasks. Furthermore, flexible and powerful metrology analysis tools are available in the QED.NET Toolkit.

Take the complexity out of machine operation

  • The user interface is built to be easy-to-use for inexperienced users, yet powerful for advanced users.
  • Detailed wizards walk operators through various processes.
  • Powerful decision-making logic helps you choose the optimal machine/configuration to measure/polish your part.

Process Flow Chart

The following flowchart illustrates which steps in the overall polishing and metrology process can be performed with each of the different QED.NET software versions.

  • Toolkit software can be used away from the machine to enter part & surface information and analyze results.
  • Desktop software can be used away from the machine to perform additional setup and analysis operations and includes all of the Toolkit software capabilities.
  • Every step can be performed at the machine using the full Machine software itself.  For more specific details, please refer to the table below the flowchart.

QED.NET process flowchart indicating the software product that can be used for each step

Software Features, by Product
Enter part and surface information
Convert surfaces (e.g. conic asphere to Qbfs)
Open/view metrology files (many formats supported)
Use ~200 analysis tools (or create your own)
Use, customize, or create Analysis Notebooks to visualize/report data
Design lattices for stitched measurements
Acquire stitched measurements
Stitch existing acquisitions
Set up polishing processes/runs, perform solves
Take spots and perform polishing runs

Virtually Limitless Analysis Options


Analysis Scratchpads

Use analysis scratchpads as a flexible, open-ended environment for applying any of the 200+ building-block tools, and analyzing data.

QED.NET Analysis Scratchpad


Process Diagrams

Add your own custom tools using process diagrams (a collection of existing tools) or using Lua scripting or a Microsoft .NET programming language (e.g. C#). Example: A process diagram that consolidates the steps in the scratchpad.

QED.NET Process Diagram



Use notebooks to collect your analysis steps and tools for re-use or reporting.

QED.NET Notebooks


Notebook Reports

Example notebook: measurement report with pass/fail indicators. Example shows the ability of a notebook to aggregate data into a summary.

QED.NET Measurement Analysis Report

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